Archivists and Records Managers, part 10

Charles M. Dollar worked as the electronic records program manager for NARA from 1974-1994, and during this time, he delivered a number of lectures and papers that coalesced into an article published in the Fall 1993 issue of Archivaria entitled “Archivists and Records Managers in the Information Age.”  He put forward the simple argument that handling electronic records should force archivists and records managers to remember their common concerns — specifically, “records integrity, records disposition, and records accessibility” — and work together to create answers to the twists and turns electronic records created in their fields.  He identified the necessity of baking records appraisal and disposition into IT applications so that obsolete and irrelevant records are not migrated to new systems.  He concluded with a challenge for archivists and records managers not only to work together but also to expand their reach:

“It is not enough that archivists and records managers agree upon a joint agenda and talk about it.  There must also be aggressive activities that carry archivists and records managers into the main stream of the information management community.”


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