Opportunity to Join the RMS Steering Committee – Self-Nominations Encouraged!

Are you seeking an opportunity to expand your network and get further involved in the records management community? If so, come join the RMS Steering Committee! Please consider nominating yourself or a colleague for one of these positions:

  • Vice Chair/Chair-Elect
  • Steering Committee (3-year term)
  • Steering Committee (3-year term)
  • Steering Committee (2-year term)
  • Steering Committee (1-year term)
  • Steering Committee (1-year term)

Candidates must be members of SAA and this Section at the time of nomination. We encourage candidates of all experience levels and institution types to nominate. 

If interested, please submit a brief biography and candidate statement (1-2 paragraphs) describing your interest in serving on the Steering Committee by Monday, May 30, 2022.  You can submit your interest, along with any questions, to: Krista Oldham, Chair – koldham@tamu.edu


RIM Education Coffee Chat with SAA Committee on Education- May 12, 1pm ET

SAA’s Records Management Section is hosting a coffee chat May 12th from 1-2pm ET to discuss records and information management education. 

I began working on this topic several years ago when I was chair of the RMS, and we submitted a proposal to SAA Education for a new certificate program.  Somehow a global pandemic seems to have slowed the process.  We did hold an earlier coffee chat to gather some ideas about the state of RIM education and have used that information to begin crafting a business plan to submit to SAA Council.  Now there’s a working group in the Committee on Education that’s trying to polish the proposal, and we need to hear from the RIM community again.  So please join us on May 12th for a virtual coffee chat.  Please register in advance for this meeting: tamu.zoom.us/meeting/register/….  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Here are some questions we’d like to pose:
What concepts and skills are most pertinent to your work?
What courses are most needed?
Where do you currently get applicable training?
What is missing from current SAA course offerings?
Does anyone have particular expertise you could share in a course?
Would you be interested in pursuing an RIM certificate, or are one-off courses sufficient for your purposes?
What could you afford to pay for a course? (can be different answers for asynchronous, live virtual, in person)
What methods do you recommend to evaluate RIM competency? 
Do you think a comprehensive exam would be important for establishing the merit of an SAA certificate?

How does RIM fit within SAA’s strategic plan?

We hope to have a robust discussion with many of you next week.  If you are unable to attend this session but have some feedback that could be useful to our process, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Courtney Bailey, cbaileymsls@earthlink.net
Chair, Regional Archival Associations Consortium
NC Administrative Office of the Courts

2022 SAA Records Management Section Virtual Colloquium, April 25th 1-3 EST!


The SAA Records Management Section invites you to attend our free (!) RIM month virtual colloquium highlighting records and information management issues. Mark your calendars for April 25th, 2022 1pm-3pm EST.

We will have 3 wonderful presenters share their work in lighting round fashion!  30 minutes will be allocated for discussion and questions following the presentations. 

All are welcome to attend. 

Full schedule


Alston Cobourn, University Archivist,  East Carolina University, Amy Bright, University Records Manager, East Carolina University

Resolving Records Management Challenges through Educational Outreach

We will present on the challenges we face regarding records management responsibilities on our campus. Our presentation will include the educational outreach efforts we are undertaking to address these challenges and improve employees’ understanding of their legal and ethical obligations. Additionally, we will discuss our attempts to seek cooperation from administration in incorporating the capstone approach to email.

Cara DeSimone, Archives Technician, NPS Southeast Archeological Center

Shovel to Shelf: Government Records in Federal Archeology

This lightning talk will introduce attendees to governmental archeology projects and highlight some of the challenges and adventures in handling this unique category of materials. Specific topics include a brief overview of federal archeological projects (“shovel to shelf”); a look at applicable regulations and legislature; and the active interplay of records and archives in this complex field.

Curtis J. Hill, University Records Management Officer at Penn State University 

Building a Collaborative Records Management Program

My presentation will be an overview of strategies and experiences that were successful in building a collaborative and effective RM Program. It will also include examples of shortcomings and opportunities to learn from those. The focus will be program & team building, collaboration with peers /subject matter experts, and then stakeholders development. I’ll use examples of projects with IT & Archives, as well as team building opportunities & internal RM initiatives. Lastly, I’ll briefly explain how to engage stakeholders for records management, especially during leadership transitions.

2022 SAA Records Management Section Virtual Colloquium – Call for Submissions!

For Records and Information Management month (April), we are seeking proposals for 5-7 minute presentations on the topic of records management. The colloquium will be scheduled for the later half of April working with presenters availability. If you are interested in presenting or participating please complete the following survey questions regarding the colloquium no later than March 4th, 2022. We will notify presenters the week of March 14, 2022.

The event will be free!

Send any questions or concerns to saarecordsmanagement@gmail.com or committee chair, Krista Oldham (koldham@library.tamu.edu)

Please find the survey here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScfSqdD598WZUR-hLrl7a5mV1VbR_VbtS6UDv6aO8jW0Mgacw/viewform?usp=sf_link

Building Alliances Pt. 3, Implementation and Leveraging Microsoft 365 (M365) to Manage Your Organizations Records

Building Alliances – Part 3, Implementation and Leveraging Microsoft 365 (M365) to Manage Your Organizations Records. Join us January 21, 2022, 1:30-2:30pm E.S.T.

Register in advance for this meeting:


Ryan Leimkuehler, University Records Manager at Kansas State University and David Brown, Archivist and Head of Records Management Services as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will continue their discussions on how to establish Archives and Records Management Programs through the formation of strategic cross organizational alliances. Our January discussion will focus upon successfully deploying M365 in your organization and utilizing it functionalities in support of records management.

M365 provides various platforms and a powerful suite of tools with the potential to significantly improve how your organization collaborates and utilizes information. The implementation of M365 transforms how information is created, shared, organized, managed, and retrieved within Microsoft platforms such as SharePoint Online, MS Teams, OneDrive, and Exchange Online.  

M365 can be a confusing landscape with multiple options to complete tasks and little official guidance about when and where to adopt new capabilities. That is why it is essential to understand how to utilize the tools and features to improve collaboration and work processes while promoting compliance through the management and control of information.

Ryan has been in M365 environment for five to six years while Dave is relatively new to the platform. They will discuss and share their organization specific experiences and then will welcome questions and discussion points from attendees.

RMS Section Election: please vote!

Election Timeline + Logistics

Ballots will open on Wednesday, August 25, and remain open for 2 weeks, closing on Wednesday, September 8.

Ballot Page: https://mysaa.archivists.org/myballots

The “View Ballot” link will direct users to the usual SurveyMonkey election ballot. Users must be logged in to access the page. Once they submit one ballot, users will be redirected back to the main page to complete their next ballot.

Information on candidates:

Ballot choices

Vice-chair/chair-elect (one vacancy):
Ryan Leimkuehler

University Records Manager and Assistant Professor at Kansas State University 

As the records manager for KSU for the past 4 years he has focused on training, outreach, and records retention guidance for the university community. Ryan is a member of the Midwest Archives Conference, Kansas City Area Archivist, and the Society of American Archivists and serves as a steering committee member for the Records Management Section. Ryan also holds both a Certified Archivist and Digital Archives Specialist credentials.
Candidate Statement: I am interested in the position of vice chair/chair elect for the upcoming election cycle. As a current member of the steering committee, I have seen the passion, work, and efforts first hand and I would like to continue to give support and guide the RMS into the future. I am interested in the multiple opportunities throughout the year to interact with RM colleagues and provide avenues for professional growth or ways to share the expertise in our community. If elected I look forward to continuing the activities and energy provided by the RMS into the future.

For steering committee (one vacancy): 

Jennifer Motszko
Digital Scholarship & Preservation Archivist, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

For steering committee (one vacancy): 

Jennifer Motszko holds a BA in History from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and has Master’s Degrees in History and Library and Information Science from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.  She has over fourteen years of experience working in both corporate and academic archives.  Jennifer began her archival career with the Harley Davidson Motor Company as a museum technician, but spent over ten years as manuscript archivist for the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. In 2018, she moved back to Wisconsin to head the Archives and Area Research Center at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where she manages university records, genealogical resources, and manuscript collections that document the agricultural, business, and supernatural history of Southeastern Wisconsin.  In her role as the UW-Whitewater Records Officer, Jennifer manages University records for temporary and permanent retention.

Candidate Statement: 

In her role as the UW-Whitewater Records Officer, Jennifer manages University records for temporary and permanent retention.  While this is only one part of her job, Jennifer enjoys educating faculty and staff on public records and ensuring the proper retention and disposition of materials.  Records management in a University setting presents many challenges and the SAA Records Management Section has been a great resource to ask questions and see the issues that others face.  As part of the steering committee, she will share her insight as it pertains to the academic records management setting.

For steering committee, early career (one vacancy): 

Jennifer Dantchev
Graduate student at Long Island University – Post Campus

I will be starting the Master’s program in Library and Information Science this upcoming Fall 2021 with an emphasis in Rare Books and Special Collections. I will also be concurrently completing a Certificate in Advanced Study in Archives and Records Management also offered through the program. My career goal is to become an Archivist and/or Records Manager. I had previously looked into graduate programs in Library and Information Science over 10 years ago but was unfortunately not in a position to take on such a program at that time. I am now on track to begin my studies and am excited to finally be able to work on a degree in something I’ve had an interest in for more than a decade.

Candidate Statement: 
When I discovered SAA, I immediately became a member. The organization is a wonderful opportunity to learn, explore, and network with people engaged and interested in the field. The opportunity to become an Early Career Member of the Records Management Section would be an exciting way to participate, learn, and help the RMS Section and interested SAA members. I am always eager to listen and learn from those who have experience and wisdom to share!

SAA Annual Meeting 2021, Records Management Focused Sessions!

Please check out our list of records management focused sessions for this year’s SAA Annual Meeting. This list is dynamic and we will be adding more content (if needed). Have fun at the meeting, all!

Business Archives / Records Management Sections Joint Colloquium
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT on Tuesday, August 3

2A – Records Management in Higher Education: Examining Systemic Power Dynamics and Vital Records
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT on Wednesday, August 4

1A – Active Collecting During Difficult Times: Critical Reflections on COVID-19 Documentation Projects
1:30 PM – 2:30 PM EDT on Wednesday, August 4

S01 – Live Q&A: Archive and IT Relationships: Four Elements of Success
2:45 PM – 3:05 PM EDT on Wednesday, August 4

5A – Diversifying the Portfolio: Sharing Inclusive and Equitable Histories to Drive Better Business
1:30 PM – 2:30 PM EDT on Friday, August 6

3A – Should Collections Closed under a Donor Agreement Be “Public Records” under FOIA? Archivists Disagree
1:30 PM – 2:30 PM EDT on Thursday, August 5

S16 – Live Q&A: Records Management at a Distance, or How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Have a Sunny Disposition
3:15 PM – 3:35 PM EDT on Thursday, August 5

Register for RMS Section Meeting! July 13th, 2pm EST

Please Join us! We have an informative and lively session planned!

Register here

July 13th 2pm EST


1. RMS Committee Annual Overview (Jessika Drmacich, Chair; Krista Oldham, Vice-Chair)
2. Panel Discussion: “Presidential Records and Presidential Transitions: The View from NARA”

Presidential Records and Presidential Transitions: The View from NARA
Two National Archives leaders who work closely with the White House will be joining us to talk about how the Presidential Records Act really works on the ground. Our speakers will be Gary M. Stern, NARA General Counsel, and John Laster, Director of NARA’s White House Liaison Division, both of whom have been through multiple presidential transitions. John and Gary will talk about how the National Archives works with the White House during an administration, what authority NARA has (and doesn’t have) under the law, and how physical records, electronic records, and museum objects are managed at the end of an administration. The speakers will address how the 2021 transition was the same and how it was different from past transitions, and they’ll bring you up to date on the current status of the Trump records. Bring your questions!


John Laster, Director of the White House Liaison Division, NARA
He has been with NARA since 1996 when he began his career as an archivist at the George Bush Library. He transferred to Washington in 2001 and served as a senior policy archivist and then Director of the Presidential Materials Division before assuming his current position. Laster received a MA in History from Auburn University. John’s office has the lead responsibility for managing the transfer of records and artifacts from the White House to NARA. He works closely with the White House Counsel’s Office, the White House Office of Records Management, the National Security Council, and various other offices on records management, access, and transition issues.

Gary M. Stern, General Counsel, NARA
Gary M. Stern has been the General Counsel of the National Archives and Records Administration since 1998, and also serves as NARA’s Chief Freedom of Information Act Officer, Senior Agency Official for Privacy, and Dispute Resolution Specialist.
Gary provides legal and policy guidance with respect to NARA’s implementation of the Federal Records Act, the Presidential Records Act, and all of the other statutes, regulations, orders, and directives that govern NARA’s multiple archival and records-related responsibilities.
Gary earned his law degree in 1987 from Yale Law School and his AB in Ancient Greek from Vassar College.

Live and recorded

Register here

More information

Records Management in the Time of COVID-19

Join us at 2pm ET on Friday, May 21st for another in our series of virtual coffee chats — this one hosted by April Anderson-Zorn, University Archivist at Illinois State University, and Courtney Bailey, Records Analyst at the State Archives of North Carolina (SANC).  The past 14 months have changed many of our lives in a myriad of ways, and records haven’t escaped the impacts of these changes.  We’ll discuss some of the changes we’ve seen at our institutions, and I’m sharing here links to some resources developed at our institutions that can serve as discussion starters.  We’d love to dialogue with you about what’s changed for you — along with what you may continue doing in a new way even after COVID restrictions ease.  Here are some topics we’ll address:

  • When does a global pandemic affect the calculus of appraisal decisions?  SANC provided some general guidelines.
  • What about all these new records we’re generating that we’d never even heard of before 2020?  Do we have to retain Zoom recordings and symptom checklists and Teams chats?  SANC provided some guidance to various audiences, such as state agencies and universities.
  • How can you train records custodians when in-person visits are not possible?
  • How can you gather input on a schedule update from subject matter experts when you cannot convene a meeting in your conference room?
  • When wet ink signatures have always been required on schedule approvals and other authorizations, what do you do when many people are working from home?
  • How can you receive archival donations with COVID restrictions in place?
  • How can you facilitate the collection of digital records?

No registration is required for this event. We look forward to seeing you on Zoom!