Archiving Snow?


How are you archiving your snow memories?  Please share your stories and pictures of what you are doing to remember the great March 2014 Snowstorm on the East Coast.

Send your method in a brief 120 word narrative in MS Word or in the body of the e-mail before March 14, Friday, 2014 close of business to

We would be interested in your most interesting pictures that you are archiving personally or for your job.  These pictures and stories will appear in our Spring Newsletter for your reading pleasure.

Thanks and happy snow days!


Lorette Weldon

Librarians Using SharePoint Blog  (

Newsletter Editor, The Records Manager (

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About Lorette Weldon

Lorette Weldon is a Personal Health Records Librarian, independent researcher, author, and teacher in developmental reading and also in concepts/applications of information technology. With over 20 years of experience, she has spoken at conferences about SharePoint and Non-IT User usage. She is the author of the following books in relation to library management and SharePoint: "SharePoint Without Coding: My Notes for Embedding the Librarian"; "SharePoint Without Coding, Volume 2: My Notes on the Further Embedment of the Librarian"; "Research and Social Networking" ; "Librarians Using SharePoint 2010" all available through Amazon. She teaches the following Udemy Courses: Getting Parents and their Kids on the Same Page and Microsoft SharePoint for Non-IT Users. Weldon is currently a RMRT Steering Committee member. She is the founder, editor, and writer for the blog SharePoint Outreach at

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