Happy Halloween from RMRT

It is always fascinating, and sometimes frightening, to see records management and archival topics covered in mainstream media. A recent New Yorker blog post on Iron Mountain was true to trend. Originally an iron mine, the extensive caverns of Iron Mountain’s first storage facility have served varied purposes; odd, mundane and paranoiac. Ostensibly, this is the meat of the story. “The Mountain,” as it is known, has been used to grow mushrooms and store priceless artwork and artifacts. During the Cold War portions were furnished as a fallout shelter complete with 65 en suite rooms and a cafeteria.

Perhaps more interesting, (here comes the frightening part,) are the off-handed, scene setting descriptions. For the sake of some spooky security-conscious fun, let your records manager/archivist imagination run wild on the following excerpts:

Today, the former mine functions as a premium facility for Iron Mountain’s most demanding clients—usually clients who want to store “vital” records or objects, things that are irreplaceable or secret…

…After working there for thirty-five years, [Chet] Smith has memorized “about eighty per cent” of the vault’s [225] combinations.

Happy Halloween!


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