SAA RMS bibliography completed in Zotero . . . for now!

The SAA Records Management Section steering committee has been working hard over the past several years to improve upon the records management bibliography that was disseminated in 2008 (and, in case you’re interested in historical RM documentation, is available on our microsite at — file name RMRTBibliography2012.pdf because it was published as a PDF in 2012).

For the past two years, this bibliography has been available on the Zotero platform (, and during this time, we’ve been working hard to validate the accessibility of these resources.  And to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this resource, we’ve also tried to update the list with more recent resources:

  • Beth Cron, the outgoing Immediate Past Chair of the Records Management Section, has been especially dependable in helping me review resources.
  • Jennifer Bolmarcich helped us add resources from ARMA publications.
  • Alex Toner and I contacted instructors at the top ten graduate schools listed on the U.S. News and World Report list of library and information schools and requested feedback about resources they require students to read related to records management.

Zotero library categoriesI’ve tried to organize the resources into logical groupings, which you can see on the right.  By clicking on any of these folders, you can see the relevant resources listed.  The library is also searchable by title, creator, year; for the resources that I was able to download as a PDF, that text is also fully searchable.  Many of the resources have been tagged, so you can also click on a tag in order to see a list of the related resources.

I’ve been hesitant to include resources that are no longer accessible because I don’t want to frustrate visitors who find an interesting citation but cannot find the relevant resource.  But this raises an interesting records management question in and of itself — is there a way the RM community can work together to maintain the accessibility of resources that otherwise may disappear when organizations go defunct or decide to cull their available inventory?

Although I’m happy for the time being to put a check mark beside this item on my to-do list, we fully intend for this resource to be a work in progress.  So if you know of additional resources from which the rest of the RM community could benefit, let us know so we can incorporate them into the bibliography.


Request for information: RM bibliography

As Beth Cron posted last December, the Records Management Section steering committee has been working to update the Records and Information Bibliography that was first published in 2008.  We chose to make this new version accessible through Zotero so it can be more dynamic and collaborative.

This is where you come in: we’d like to invite volunteers who can assist us with revisions.  While we’ve tried to update broken links and remove dated or inaccessible resources, we know there are recent studies and articles that have been overlooked.  You are welcome to submit individual items for inclusion, but we’re also seeking volunteers who’d be willing to take on a systematic search through a particular journal.  Here are the publications whose resources we’d like to include in our bibliography:

To contribute to the bibliography, you must first create a Zotero account.  Then you can request access to join the SAA RMRT Group.  Please contact Courtney Bailey if you are willing to review the 2008-present articles of one of the above publications to identify the relevant records management articles.  Thanks in advance for helping us improve this valuable resource.