And now: Archives/Records Carols!

Sometimes I get earworms. Sometimes those earworms involve the creation of filk snippets. Sometimes those snippets are so, ahem, compelling that I feel the need as a musician to finish them. The result of all of those sometimes around the winter holidays is the below, originally shared on Twitter and now brought here for your viewing/singing pleasure. I would apologize, but I’m not really sorry at all. THE FILK MUST FLOW.

In any case, whatever winter holiday you celebrate– or none at all– have a happy one! (And don’t forget to follow the retention period on your gift receipts!)

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Stay Connected, My Friends

ARMA’s 2013 Conference is happening as we speak (you can follow proceedings ongoing on twitter at #ARMA2013), and someone apparently had a little fun with promotional videos for the association this year.  You can show this to your non-RM friends when they ask what it is you do all day. (Admittedly, you may have to add a small disclaimer.)