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Happy Valentine’s Day, fellow archivists and records managers!

I hope many of you are preparing to enjoy a long Presidents’ Day Weekend. Back at work on February 18th at 10am CST join an ARMA International TweetChat using #assessIG to discuss information governance, risk mitigation, and other information management topics. This Q&A forum will run for 30 minutes. Follow ARMA on Twitter at @ARMA_IT. Find out more on ARMA’s website here. 


RM training, coming soon to a town near you

This morning, a promotional email from ARMA came through my inbox, informing me of a Foundations of Information Governance seminar that is passing by me in a few months. Said seminar is explicitly aimed at newer records professionals, so as a 6-year veteran I’m probably past it already, but it looked comprehensive enough that I thought it was worth exploring/tweeting out to my followers. Then I saw the price of the seminar. Hmm. Maybe not. At least I wouldn’t have to pay for a hotel on top of it?

I’ve spent time elsewhere talking about problems I see with ARMA International’s pricing structure, so I won’t address that at length here. It does give me a useful point for a segue, though: where can Archivists/RMs, especially newer ones, go for professional development that won’t break the bank? Well, eventually, we want the RMRT to be able to provide additional low-cost or no-cost resources, but in the meantime, one answer is still in the ARMA domain, but at a different level. ARMA’s local and regional chapters have a long tradition of providing development activities dealing with local records management issues and concerns, in addition to being a great way to build relationships with your local RM communities. Most chapters still charge some sort of fee to attend their programs, but they are significantly lower than the ones charged by the parent organization– think $30 rather than $300. Especially if you’re just starting out in Records Management, attending local ARMA events is a great way to get the maximum professional development bang for your buck.

Don’t take my word for it, though! I have been spending some time going through some of the ARMA locals’ websites and soliciting information from some of the locals’ officers, and present here a sampler of some of the cool things the local chapters have to offer. If you don’t see your own local here, it’s worth your time to check out the Local/Regional main page (linked above) and make a connection with that group. Without further ado, and in no particular order:

Richmond-ARMA Chapter: A pretty typical array of activities (with, importantly, links to slide decks to a number of them), the exciting thing the Richmond chapter is doing in the near future is offering an all-day CRM Prep workshop for about half the price ($125) of the workshops held in conjunction with the national meeting. If you aren’t familiar with the Certified Records Manager exam, I can tell you that it is both extensive and demanding (and incidentally held in high regard in the RM community), so having relatively low-cost access to intensive prep is extremely valuable.

ARMA-NOVA (Northern Virginia): Yep, it’s another Virginia chapter– these are the people who wrote in to me!– but one with an *extensive* archive of past program slide decks and lots of useful links. Their next seminar will be Wednesday,  February 5, with speaker Don Lueders on Next Generation Records Management. If that’s too short-notice for you, they also will hold a seminar on the same theme on February 28 at the Arlington Campus of George Mason University. See their website for more info.

ARMA-Kansas Capital: A newish chapter without a web presence yet, but not letting that stop them plan some interesting activities this year. I’ll quote the email I received from Jeni Sweatt: “our local Kansas Capital Chapter of ARMA International is planning a Spring Seminar for April 8, 2014 at the Ramada Inn Grand Ballroom, 420 SE 6th Avenue, Topeka, KS 66607; we will post registration information on the list serve pretty soon; thus far, our topics include Data Hoarding, CRM/IG Certification, Mock Deposition and Cell Phone Forensics Investigations.  We expect our registration costs will be between $75 and $100, depending on ARMA membership status. Anyone interested in additional information can contact me at 785-559-7227 or via email at”

ARMA-Greater Cincinnati: In addition to their regular suite of professional development programs (at the lowest price I’ve seen for non-members– only $20!), the Greater Cincinnati chapter is notable for having a lending library of RM textbooks, monographs, articles, and recordings of national ARMA conferences (which is *really* a money-saver). Unfortunately, you have to be a member of the chapter to use the library, but lots of other locals have similar programs (The Chicago Chapter’s lending library will MAIL you resources if you’re a member in good standing.) A very cool perk of membership.

ARMA-Oregon: Arch/RM hybrids in the Pacific Northwest, you’re not being neglected! ARMA-Oregon (Based out of Portland) is but one of the many ARMA chapters in the region, and they also maintain a lending library (man, I have to convince my own local to get on doing this!). I highlight them here because their next seminar is entitled “Two of hearts: Advancing archives and records management “e-harmony”. Relevant seminar topic is relevant.

ARMA Connecticut:This New England chapter has its own Twitter feed! (A trend that I hope picks up on its example). In addition to that, I’m pointing out this chapter because of their extensive Newsletter Archives (a good window into what NE records managers have been concerned with over the years) and because they’re having William Saffady (of ubiquitous RM textbook fame) speak at their April meeting. Neat! (Obviously if you’re in the area the ARMA-NYC chapter is also worth your time, but you already knew that.)

ARMA-Mile High Denver: Lest I be accused of ignoring the flyover states, this Colorado chapter’s website is extensive, with links to past events/presentations, some relevant new upcoming events (the March 18 event is about eDiscovery and Social Media), and a career board that stacks up favorably against many, many sparser ones on other chapter sites. (I am also curious about what “Denver Dollars” are!)

If you didn’t see your chapter here and would like to, please comment or send a member of the steering committee an email– we would love to be able to highlight additional good resources for our members to use to further their RM education.

One last note– don’t feel like your own local is the only one you can attend! Even though I’m in Milwaukee, I’ve had a lot of luck with programming from chapters in Madison, Northern Illinois, and Chicago as well. The point is to find programs that speak to what you’re doing– and if you can expand your network of RM people to call on for help/advice, that’s a bonus.

ARMA 2013 Conference Wrap-Up

Full disclosure: I was not able to attend the ARMA conference this year. However, I hope many of you did have the opportunity to visit lovely Las Vegas for the 58th annual gathering!  For those who are interested ARMA has provided several web seminar series for those who were unable to attend or for those who would like to revisit the sessions once again. Series are broken down by skill level including the Core Skill Level Conference, Management Skill Level, and Strategic Skill level, all of which are described and can be purchased following this link: Good news for those who attended because beginning November 27 these webinars will be available for 60 days of free viewing!

A colleague of mine who is an archivist and records manager was fortunate enough to attend the conference. I asked her what she felt was the biggest takeaway from her experience at the conference and she summed it up for me in two words: Information Governance. Information governance might not be a familiar phrase to those outside the realm of records management, but in essence all archival professionals dabble in “IG.” Information governance, if I may take a shot at loosely defining it, is effectively creating, managing, preserving, and usefully promoting records and information typically within an organization.  In 2012 ARMA developed an Information Governance Professional Certification which aims at a scope beyond that of traditional RIM.  In a future blog post I will discuss this certification in more detail.

Back to the conference. Part of the reason why I am involved in SAA’s Records Management Roundtable is because I am very interested in the convergence of the archives and records management fields. I am finding that the two realms are becoming less distinct in some ways while growing apart in others. In my own career I’m eager to see what is yet to come in terms of mergers and divisions. In regard to ARMA 2013, how do the proceedings of this conference relate to those in SAA who are primarily archivists, or dual-role professionals who span the border and assume both archives and records management tasks? For those who attended (and even those who did not!) please chime in and share your thoughts in the comments section.  What are the biggest takeaways from the conference this year?  Did you find that information governance was the biggest theme?

P.S. ARMA 2014 is in sunny San Diego!

Stay Connected, My Friends

ARMA’s 2013 Conference is happening as we speak (you can follow proceedings ongoing on twitter at #ARMA2013), and someone apparently had a little fun with promotional videos for the association this year.  You can show this to your non-RM friends when they ask what it is you do all day. (Admittedly, you may have to add a small disclaimer.)

ARMA LIVE Road Show – SharePoint Records Management Certificate Program

 ARMA is bringing its SharePoint Records Management Certificate program to cities across the country.

“In this interactive, fast-paced certificate program, you’ll learn how to successfully implement large and complex Electronic Document & Records Management Systems (EDRMS). The program is facilitated by Bruce Miller, best-selling author and expert in electronic recordkeeping. This certificate program consists of a 2-day seminar and a comprehensive computer-based exam you can take on your own after completion of the course. This certificate program is based on Microsoft SharePoint® 2010, but it is fully applicable to other technology platforms. Work through a detailed 12-step EDRMS methodology and use an EDRMS project modeling tool to facilitate successful implementation. Discover how to avoid common implementation mistakes, overcome common barriers to user adoption, produce a detailed EDRMS project plan, and produce a detailed project roadmap for stakeholders.

Using a hypothetical thousand-person organization as a working model, you will gain insight into core electronic recordkeeping concepts and principles. You are assigned specific roles and engage in critical project discussions and decisions. You’ll also walk through an implementation project featuring typical roadblocks that must be overcome. “

 Upcoming sessions are available at ARMA Canada, and in New York, Kansas City, and Philadelphia. For more info go to

ARMA Spring Seminars

Many ARMA chapters hold Spring Seminars, which are open to both ARMA members and non-members. These all-day educational events are designed to provide Records and Information Management Professionals of all levels with the latest information, trends and skills to provide more value to their organizations. They also offer a great chance to meet with vendors and to network with records professionals in a variety of industries. A few of the upcoming seminars are:

ARMA Metro New York City, in partnership with ARMA Central New Jersey, ARMA Northern New Jersey & ARMA Connecticut Chapters “2013 All-Day Educational Event”
Wednesday, March 20, 2013
8:00am – 5:00pm
New York Life Insurance Company
51 Madison Avenue, between 26th & 27th Streets New York NY 10010
Networking Reception
Location TBD

ARMA Mile High Denver “Are You Ready for a Change? Moving Forward in 2013!”
Tuesday, April 16, 2013
7:30am – 5:30pm
Warwick Hotel
1776 Grant Street, Denver CO 80203

ARMA-Milwaukee “Finding a Diamond in an Electronic Age”
Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Crowne Plaza Milwaukee West
10499 Innovation Dr., Wauwatosa WI 53005

ARMA’s Northern California Chapters “Information Privacy – It’s More than Personal”
Thursday, April 18, 2013
9:00am – 4:00pm
Wendall, Rosen, Black & Dean LLP
1111 Broadway, Oakland CA 94607

ARMA Madison “From Theory to Practice in an Ever-Changing Digital World”
Thursday, May 2 2013
Fluno Center
Madison, WI

We will try to keep this list updated as we find more seminars.
Not in one of these areas? Check out your local ARMA Chapter at to see what they have to offer!