2022 SAA Records Management Section Virtual Colloquium, April 25th 1-3 EST!


The SAA Records Management Section invites you to attend our free (!) RIM month virtual colloquium highlighting records and information management issues. Mark your calendars for April 25th, 2022 1pm-3pm EST.

We will have 3 wonderful presenters share their work in lighting round fashion!  30 minutes will be allocated for discussion and questions following the presentations. 

All are welcome to attend. 

Full schedule


Alston Cobourn, University Archivist,  East Carolina University, Amy Bright, University Records Manager, East Carolina University

Resolving Records Management Challenges through Educational Outreach

We will present on the challenges we face regarding records management responsibilities on our campus. Our presentation will include the educational outreach efforts we are undertaking to address these challenges and improve employees’ understanding of their legal and ethical obligations. Additionally, we will discuss our attempts to seek cooperation from administration in incorporating the capstone approach to email.

Cara DeSimone, Archives Technician, NPS Southeast Archeological Center

Shovel to Shelf: Government Records in Federal Archeology

This lightning talk will introduce attendees to governmental archeology projects and highlight some of the challenges and adventures in handling this unique category of materials. Specific topics include a brief overview of federal archeological projects (“shovel to shelf”); a look at applicable regulations and legislature; and the active interplay of records and archives in this complex field.

Curtis J. Hill, University Records Management Officer at Penn State University 

Building a Collaborative Records Management Program

My presentation will be an overview of strategies and experiences that were successful in building a collaborative and effective RM Program. It will also include examples of shortcomings and opportunities to learn from those. The focus will be program & team building, collaboration with peers /subject matter experts, and then stakeholders development. I’ll use examples of projects with IT & Archives, as well as team building opportunities & internal RM initiatives. Lastly, I’ll briefly explain how to engage stakeholders for records management, especially during leadership transitions.


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