Archivists and Records Managers, part 5

At the 1958 annual meeting of the Society of American Archivists, LeRoy DuPuy read a paper entitled “Archivists and Records Managers – A Partnership.”  While acknowledging disagreements between the professionals, he asserted each could be made better through cooperation.

“If this emphasis on differences is pursued with vigor, the entire profession will be the loser; and the entire profession will bear responsibility for the loss. The administration of records, reasonably defined (as in the approach of the National Archives and Records Service), is indivisible. Each part of it depends largely upon every other part. Take away one — records management — from its relationship to the other — archives administration — and you remove a vital link. Combine the two branches and you present a united front whose total impact toward professional betterment is many times greater than the sum of efforts separately pursued.”


One thought on “Archivists and Records Managers, part 5

  1. bethcron

    Thank you for this series, Courtney! It’s been very informative to read how we’ve been having many similar discussions for the last 75+ years.

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