2 upcoming RM Google Hangouts

The Records Management Section is planning two upcoming Google Hangouts!

The first is on Thursday, February 2 at noon Eastern on Open Source Tools for Records Management. We will be joined by Seth Shaw from Clayton State University, who will discuss the Data Accessioner, and Jeremy Gibson from the State Archives of North Carolina, who will talk about renameIT as well as setting up an AXAEM system. They will discuss the pros and cons of using open source tools — both from the developer and the user perspectives — and provide some advice about implementing them.

The second is on Wednesday, February 8 at noon Eastern and will be on the topic of police body camera footage. Snowden Becker from the UCLA Department of Information Studies will discuss the following questions: Where is the point of intersection between the evidentiary *value* of records, as an archival concept, and the records that actually constitute criminal evidence? What does the legal duty to preserve have to do with the material preservation of records in new formats like digital video, or evidentiary traces created by Internet of Things-enabled (IOT) devices? This discussion will touch on some of the parallels between records management and evidence management in public agencies. We’ll explore how police body-worn camera programs are presenting new challenges to the very definition of public records, and shining light on the widely varying practices of records creation, collection, and retention in the criminal justice system.

Be sure to tune in live to ask questions or watch later at your convenience. You can view the Open Source Hangout here and the police body camera footage Hangout here .

For both Hangouts, we’ll be accepting questions for our speakers from you.  If you have a question or topic for discussion please leave it as a comment here or use the #saarmrt hashtag on Twitter.  We will also monitor the comments on the YouTube live streaming page.


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