New Year for the RMRT

Welcome to the new year! The Records Management Roundtable Steering Committee met on September 11 and kicked off a new year. We welcomed new members Hillary Gatlin, Courtney Bailey, Alex Toner, and Nick Pavlik. We also said goodbye to departing members Jenny Mundy, Matthew Farrell, and Matt McClelland. We thank them for serving on the steering committee over the last few years!

We are looking forward to an exciting year. We plan to update the Records Management Bibliography and move it to Zotero so that it will be easy to access and update. We are also discussing the creation of a set of webinar on various records management topics. Brad Houston, the Immediate Past Chair of the RMRT, is heading up this effort. We are making plans for a number of blog posts for the year and new projects for the year.

We had a successful RMRT meeting at SAA 2015 in Cleveland. You can find a summary of the meeting here.

Watch The Schedule blog for updates on the RMRT Steering Committee plans for the year. As always, if you have suggestions or ideas for the Steering Committee, please let me know!


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