Don’t be caught in an archival haze, fearlessly appraise!

This year’s annual meeting kindled my interest in diving deep into appraisal. Coming up on my 2 year anniversary of being in the records management trenches, I have a new appreciation for appraisal when I am developing retention schedules, which tend to take a blunt instrument to questions of appraisal when it comes to disposition.


I went a bit wild at the SAA meeting bookstore this year, and got some good recommendations on Twitter. I’ll be reading many of these over the next year and sharing some of my records management thoughts here on The Schedule. Here is my tentative reading list — what am I missing? Any appraisal topics you’d love to hear a records management perspective on?

Note: These sources were mostly gathered via the SAA Glossary, the Records Management Roundtable bibliographythis page from the Seattle Area Archivists, Kim Anderson’s dissertation, and Garrett Boos’ annotated bibliography.


A few notes: Obviously 45 sources is a LOT to work through, and quite frankly life is too short once you’re out of grad school to force yourself to read anything that isn’t getting you closer to happiness, promotion, or tenure. I’ll try to tackle as many of these as I can handle in chronological order and periodically update the blog on my impressions. The majority on the list were published in the last 25 years — there are 18 from the 1990s, 18 published after 2000.


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