Help the RMRT build educational offerings for archivists!

[Crossposted from the RMRT listserv. If you’re reading this and know someone else who’d be interested in presenting or developing, send ’em our way!]

Happy new year! As mentioned in the most recent RMRT newsletter, one of the steering committee’s priorities for this year is to expand on the success of our October “Records Management for Archivists” webinar and increase the number and scope of educational offerings. To that end, we’re looking for help from you, our members, to share your knowledge and experience with the rest of the roundtable (and other interested SAA members) in the form of some webinars on more specialized topics. We’re already updating the 2-day workshop on Records Management for Archivists to be offered in March (see for details), but as with the original webinar, we’re especially interested in producing content in that format to make educational materials available at relatively low cost  to a wider group of archivists/RMs on their own time.

So, at the moment we’re looking for a few things:

1) Content Presenters. We’re looking for people here who are interested in being the voice behind the webinars, which includes enough familiarity with the content to answer questions the day of the presentation. RMRT members would help put together the proposal to the Education Committee and provide assistance with program development (see below).  Some suggested topics we received include:

  • ​​Records Management Outreach and Training
  • Retention Schedule Development
  • Managing Active Electronic Records
  • Developing RM Policies
  • RM in specific settings (Educational, Business, etc.)

2) Content Developers. Anne Marie Phillips and I were helped greatly on the RM for Archivists webinar by Farrell and Christie’s contributions, and we would like to be able to offer the same assistance to any potential presenters. Possible tasks in this role include helping to write slides or other content, reviewing presentations for accuracy or clarity, providing a run-through audience, etc. This is a great way to get involved in the process if the presenter limelight isn’t for you.
3) Content Ideas. ​If you have questions about or expertise in a topic not mentioned above, we want to hear about it! Even if it’s just something you want to learn more about but don’t want to present on, let us know– we can always add to the above list in our call for presenters or developers.

Working on a webinar is a great way to get involved in SAA and the RMRT, add to your resume, and share your knowledge with your colleagues. If you are interested in contributing to any of the above three pools, please email me, Beth Cron, or Christie Peterson. We look forward to hearing from you!


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