The Records Manager Newsletter Fall issue is Ready for your Reading Pleasure….

Dear RMRT Members:
You can retrieve the current issue of the newsletter at
Here are the Highlights from the Fall 2014 issue of The Records Manager, newsletter of the SAA Records Management Roundtable:

In this issue, our chair, Beth Cron discusses how RMRT will help the members through Google Hangouts and other projects centered around records management topics.

Our new RMRT Steering Committee Members share their Long-Term and Short-Term goals during their term.

Jennifer Mundy, one of our RMRT Steering Committee members, announces the new format that the RMRT membership has voted on for the RMRT newsletter, The Records Manager.

Enjoy the Fall 2014 issue of The Records Manager.

Please remember that the RMRT website can be found at

The newsletter archives can be found at

Lorette Weldon

Newsletter Editor, The Records Manager (


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