Records Management-related sessions at #saa14!

The 2014 SAA annual meeting is only a few days away! Sadly, I will not be attending, but we have a bang-up RMRT business meeting program awaiting you (assuming, of course, that you all are submitting interesting discussion proposals… if you haven’t yet done so, what are you waiting for?)! Christie Peterson and Matthew Farrell will be running the business meeting and facilitating the unconference and I am sure they will do an excellent job. If you’re on twitter, use #rmrt14 to tweet excerpts from your discussions!

In the meantime, you have other sessions to attend while you’re there, don’t you? Of course you do! As with last year’s edition of the meeting, we’ve rounded up some of the RM-related sessions in one convenient post for your browsing pleasure. To quote myself from last year, “A lot of these sessions are good not just for records managers, but for “regular” archivists too, in that they get a better sense of what we’re doing, which helps both professions do their jobs better. (Holy complex sentence Batman!) So tell your friends. Tell your colleagues. Tell that guy you pass in the hall! The more exposure SAA members ad a whole get to these issues, the better off we’ll all be.”

If you, like I, will be #saaleftbehind this year, you can still follow along on Twitter, with #saa14 for general discussion and session-specific tags (#s101, #s102, etc.) for particular sessions. As before, if you’re interested in live-tweeting any of these for the RMRT, comment on this post and we’ll put your name down on the livetweet roster. Cheers!

Thursday, August 14

  • Session 105: The Year of Living Essentially: Got Essential Records? (sched link)
  • Session 107: Archivist AND Records Manager? Strategies for Dual-Role Archivists (sched link)
  • Session 203: Talking to Stakeholders about Electronic Records (sched link)
  • Session 204: The PROFS case 25 Years Later: Its Historical Impact and Lessons Learned (sched link)

Friday, August 15

  • Session 305: Managing Social Media as Official Records (sched link)
  • NARA Mini-Theater: Managing Government Records Directive: What’s New (sched link)
  • Session 507: Appraising Government Records: What Constitutes Value? (sched link)
  • Records Management Roundtable Annual Meeting (sched link)

Saturday, August 16

  • Session 708: Archivist! Data Librarian! Asset Manager! Do the Differences Really Matter? (sched link)

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