NARA’s Capstone Email Iniative: Learn More this Friday at 1

Please join SAA’s Records Management Roundtable for another virtual Hangout this Friday, February 7th at 1pm EST as Beth Cron and Arian Ravanbakhsh host a presentation and discussion about the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Capstone Email Initiative. Beth and Arian, both members of the RMRT, are records management policy analysts in the Office of the Chief Records at NARA.

We’ll update The Schedule, our Google+ page, and the RMRT’s YouTube channel with the link to view the Hangout as soon as we’re live. Hope you can join us Friday at 1.

UPDATE: Watch the Hangout here.

If you have any questions about the Capstone Email Initiative please post them here so we can pass them on to our presenters for discussion during the Hangout.


6 thoughts on “NARA’s Capstone Email Iniative: Learn More this Friday at 1

  1. Does Capstone advocate using cloud-based storage? Does cloud-based storage have any significant advantages or risks for the Capstone approach to email archiving?

  2. Lawrence Giffin

    How did NARA determine the need for this broader retention policy for emails? Were studies or surveys conducted? Are there data to support the Capstone approach in regards to the retention of permanent emails and compliance with schedules and laws that govern records retention? I ask because we’re very interested in a similar approach for our institution (a public university), but we may have trouble convincing our counsel’s office and the state agency that approves our retention schedule without some data to point to. Thanks.

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