ARMA 2013 Conference Wrap-Up

Full disclosure: I was not able to attend the ARMA conference this year. However, I hope many of you did have the opportunity to visit lovely Las Vegas for the 58th annual gathering!  For those who are interested ARMA has provided several web seminar series for those who were unable to attend or for those who would like to revisit the sessions once again. Series are broken down by skill level including the Core Skill Level Conference, Management Skill Level, and Strategic Skill level, all of which are described and can be purchased following this link: Good news for those who attended because beginning November 27 these webinars will be available for 60 days of free viewing!

A colleague of mine who is an archivist and records manager was fortunate enough to attend the conference. I asked her what she felt was the biggest takeaway from her experience at the conference and she summed it up for me in two words: Information Governance. Information governance might not be a familiar phrase to those outside the realm of records management, but in essence all archival professionals dabble in “IG.” Information governance, if I may take a shot at loosely defining it, is effectively creating, managing, preserving, and usefully promoting records and information typically within an organization.  In 2012 ARMA developed an Information Governance Professional Certification which aims at a scope beyond that of traditional RIM.  In a future blog post I will discuss this certification in more detail.

Back to the conference. Part of the reason why I am involved in SAA’s Records Management Roundtable is because I am very interested in the convergence of the archives and records management fields. I am finding that the two realms are becoming less distinct in some ways while growing apart in others. In my own career I’m eager to see what is yet to come in terms of mergers and divisions. In regard to ARMA 2013, how do the proceedings of this conference relate to those in SAA who are primarily archivists, or dual-role professionals who span the border and assume both archives and records management tasks? For those who attended (and even those who did not!) please chime in and share your thoughts in the comments section.  What are the biggest takeaways from the conference this year?  Did you find that information governance was the biggest theme?

P.S. ARMA 2014 is in sunny San Diego!


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