Your guide to Records Management sessions at #saa13

There are LOTS of sessions at the SAA annual meeting. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer variety of educational programs on offer and just completely skip over ones that are relevant to your interests. If only there were some way to tailor the schedule so only the sessions you actually want showed up…

Well, we can’t do that for you here– too many variables. (Heck, I’m not even sure which ones *I’m* going to yet.) What we CAN do is separate out the entries for records management-related sessions and list all of those here so you don’t miss any important RM stuff. A lot of these sessions are good not just for records managers, but for “regular” archivists too, in that they get a better sense of what we’re doing, which helps both professions do their jobs better. (Holy complex sentence Batman!) So tell your friends. Tell your colleagues. Tell that guy you pass in the hall! The more exposure SAA members ad a whole get to these issues, the better off we’ll all be.

Not able to attend all of these, or not going to SAA this year? Lucky for you, Twitter provides a good running commentary on goings on (assuming the wireless is working). You can follow the #saa13 tag for general discussion, or the session-specific tags (e.g. #s101, #s203, etc.) to get discussion for one session in particular. I’ll be attending  at least one of these and will be live-tweeting from @herodotusjr (God- and Battery-willing) if you’re looking for a single stream to follow. If any of our readers want to list themselves as attending a particular session, please comment with the session you’ll be covering and your twitter handle and I’ll add you to this post. If people want to post their thoughts on sessions after the conference as guest posts, that’d be cool too– just send me an email and I’ll get you access. (Obviously, please also let me know if I’ve missed an obvious RM related session– my eyes can skip over things too.)

Thanks to Cheryl Stadel-Bivens for this idea!

The sessions by date after the jump…

Thursday, August 15

  • Session 101: Digital Preservation and Records Management in the Cloud: Challenges and Opportunities (sched link)– will be live tweeted by @herodotusjr
  • Session 204: By Default Or By Design: Public Records in Manuscript Repositories and Special Collections (sched link)
  • Session 209: Brave New World: The Intersection of Institutional Repositories and University Archives (sched link)

Friday, August 16

  • Session 306: Soar or Crash? Managing and Preserving Electronic Government Records in the 21st Century (sched link)
  • Session 401: The Access Conundrum Around Modern Public Records (sched link)
  • Session 403: State Archives Reboot: The State Electronic Records Initiative (sched link)
  • Session 504: Records Management Training Gumbo for the Digital Age (sched link)

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