RMRT/GNO-ARMA Happy Hour 8/15, 6:00 PM, Ernst Cafe

The Records Management Roundtable and the Greater New Orleans chapter of ARMA International are pleased to announce a joint meetup at the SAA Annual Meeting on the evening of August 15, starting at 6 and going until people leave. The venue we have chosen is Ernst Cafe, an easy 5 minute walk from the conference hotel at 600 S. Peters Street. Assuming WordPress will let me embed this, here’s a map:

As befits a gathering of archivists, the Ernst Cafe is steeped in history. To quote their website:

Originally founded by John, William and Charles Ernst, Ernst Café has been locally owned and operated for 106 years. While not much has changed in the past century in regards to friends and fun, Ernst Café has evolved into a premier provider for special events. Simply put, Ernst Café thrives on meeting the needs of its customers and creating an atmosphere of fun with a touch of nostalgic class.

From the civil war, through prohibition, and up to the present day, 600 South Peters Street has prevailed as a successful place of business and has developed into a piece of New Orleans history. Built in 1851-52 by prominent New Orleans developer Evariste Blanc, the existing structure that occupies Ernst Café is an excellent example of pre-civil war architecture commonly found in the warehouse district. The building was originally used primarily for storage purposes and was one of the first pieces of property to be sold at the estate auction of Mr. Blanc.

In 1859, Schneider and Wise Grocers occupied the building and also used it as a private residence, because at that time the building had two separate addresses. Schneider and Wise maintained their business at this location until 1902, when it was sold to three brothers that were looking to open a saloon – Joseph, William and Charles Ernst.

Neat, says I. Also neat: the extensive beer and spirits menu and the cajun/creole-inspired cuisine, though the menu is not linked to properly from the site; go here to see it. As noted, we wanted to pick somewhere to let you get a bite before heading off to your alumni mixer, or wherever else the night may take you. (Personally I’m excited about the Ernster sandwich– fried oysters plus roast beef you say? Sign me up!)

Come socialize with your RMRT and ARMA colleagues, meet new friends, drink some beer (or beverage of your choice), and have a good time! (Records Management talk optional.) Look forward to seeing you there! Special thanks to Mike Courtney for helping to set this up and suggesting the venue.


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