Reminder: Google Hangout this Friday!

Just a brief reminder that our hangout on RM Outreach and Compliance in the 21st Century will be happening this Friday, May 24, at 10:00 AM CDT. If you want to participate directly, please RSVP at our Google+ page for an invite. Otherwise, there are going to be (at least) 3 places where you can watch the simulcast:

1) Said Google+ page (A link to the livestream will automatically post on the page once the hangout has started)

2) Brad’s YouTube channel, which will also be where the recording of the hangout will be stored for later viewing;

3) This very blog, where a post will go up when the hangout starts so you can view the simulcast.

Remember, this hangout will go best if you, the viewer at home, supply us with questions for our panelists. There’s still time to email me or Meg Tuomala questions before Friday, or if you want to ask questions during the discussion, you can leave comments either here or on the relevant Google+ post. We will also be monitoring Twitter for questions under the #RMRTHangout hashtag throughout the session, so feel free to send questions along that way as well.

Looking forward to a great session!


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