Announcing May Hangout: RM Outreach Panel 5/24

After a long delay, the RMRT Google Hangout series finally earns its moniker with its second entry on records management training and outreach! This hangout will take place on May 24 at 10:00 AM CST.

Unlike the March 1 hangout, the format of this event will be an informal panel discussion, based on our speakers’ presentation at the Midwest Archives Conference in Indianapolis on April 18. For your reference, the summary information for that session is reprinted below:

As the digital age matures and we move further into the twenty-first century, responsibilities for records and information management have become increasingly decentralized and dispersed. How do we effectively convey requirements and guidelines for best practices across our institutions? In this session, four records and information management practitioners will share approaches taken, their successes, and their failures in developing and deploying training strategies and resources within their organizations.

Our panelists (Dan Noonan, Joanne Kaczmarek, Peg Eusch, and Tom Wellman) bring a huge amount of experience in records management program administration in various decentralized environments, and in outreach to end-users in particular. The innovative practices they discussed at their presentation deserve wider exposure (and to a certain extent can be seen, in slideshow form, at the MAC Annual Meeting forums), but we also wanted to give people an opportunity to ask questions about their effectiveness and about improving outreach and compliance in general.

“But Brad,” you say, “That’s already 5 people in the hangout, a format which only allows 10 people in the room! How can we possibly have a discussion?” Good question! First, we will once again be live-streaming the hangout off of my YouTube account to allow better access to what is being said. But members of the steering committee will *also* be monitoring various social media platforms, such as this blog, Google+, and Twitter (#rmrthangout) for your questions and comments and will relay them as they come in (hopefully). So even if you can’t be part of the Hangout itself, if you have access to the livestream you can still contribute to the discussion!

Because technical difficulties inevitably arise in these sorts of things, of course, we would not complain about receiving questions ahead of time. If you do have questions or points of discussion in advance of the hangout, please post them here or our Google+ page, or email them directly to me. We’ll also post various reminders closer to the date, so hopefully we can have a good mix of prebaked and spontaneous questions for our panelists. We look forward to “seeing” you on May 24!


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